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Online Leaderboards
That's in now!

People who'd like to compete weekly on leaderboards for any VZfit Play game should choose the 45-minute option, which now shows "Weekly Rank" on
You are saying that VZfit is designed for uninterrupted work out. Putting that at 45 minutes limit certainly interrupts my usual workouts. Why don’t we work out as long as we are individually planning it. Not to be put in certain brackets
We , who are the most dedicated to Virzoom, are falling out of favor. Please consider to add unlimited time option. I don’t think there’s anything wrong about that. The one that makes the most waves will be in the top.
I appreciate your concern, but unlimited time creates other problems and we are trying to bring the most value to the most people. The VZfit redesign was meant to help people who's tank game lasted 1 minute because they got shot 3 times. Having to restart a game after 45 minutes shouldn't be a hardship, and we're trying to be responsive to everyone on this forum.

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