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Online Leaderboards
We've checked in the first stage of online Leaderboards for all games.  

On you'll now see your Rank in all Play games and total Spins.  Click on each rank to popup the leaderboard of everyone's best scores.  Each player in the leaderboard is linked to their stats page, so you can search back-and-forth between players and games.

(Note that anonymous kiosk players are filtered out of total Spins rankings, because many different people contribute to their total.  But they are still included in best individual game scores.)

Did you know you can save any web page as an icon on your phone home page?  On the iPhone for instance, hit the "share" button at the bottom of the screen and scroll right to select "add to home screen".  Choose a label like "VZfit Stats" and you'll be able to check your leaderboard ranks as quickly as checking an app.
Oh, cool, I'm currently #1 in 10 minute Gate Race.  Cool    And somehow I haven't gotten around to doing any other lengths of that mode, yet.  Wonder if I can snag #1 in those as well?

Update: Now also #1 in the 20 minute Gate Race. ;-) By a pretty large margin, too!
If we can ever stop working on the games and just play them, will give you some stiff competition! We filter out staff players from Events but not Leaderboards Smile

UPDATE: I thought I did well but only hit #4. Tough crowd! Note if you unlock the Gold Pegasus (nobody has yet) it can fly higher, turn better, and land faster.
We've now added Explorer Suggested Ride percentages and completions to your stats page. Collect them all!

Remember you can complete rides over multiple sessions. Just Resume from your last percentage from My Rides. If you look it up again in Find Rides you'll only be able to restart it.

UPDATE: Clicking on the Ride images will take you to Streetview, and clicking on the Ride titles will give you directions for the whole route.
We just added Leaderboards for Explorer's Suggested Rides. You'll need the latest Explorer update to enter them.

Folks haven't completed many rides yet, so now's the time to grab the top spots!
Good deal. Will try to complete some. I found them
Gotta call out Chitaros for putting the first score up on the Yukon ride, which is 94 miles!
Two things I'm hoping to add to page:

1. I want Ride Leaderboards to be sorted by "who got there first" within each ride count, but I need to make that efficient for database query

2. Show your head-to-head wins and leaderboards for each multiplayer Play game.
Okay we've added head-to-head wins and leaderboards to the Stats page!

Unfortunately all my current wins belong to my alter-ego,
Good to have these type of leaderboard. On old system you could not see who won most battles. Now we can see.
Will it track regular head to head encounters or only on the events?

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