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Please confirm compatibility
We reproduced the bug, but it's only that the HUD score isn't updating right then. You are still getting those 100 coins for a perfect bonus round, but will only see them after your next score, like a tank kill. The scores sent to our server for the Event are correct even when you don't have a following kill.

We'll fix in the next update, thanks for the report!
(05-09-2019, 03:29 PM)jwarburg Wrote: The voice you're hearing is from Manchester, England.  I'll let him know that his Scottish impression is quite good.  Smile

One development that we're keeping an eye on at Oculus is their announcement of an upcoming voice assistant.  For a period of time they had some version of voice-enabled features in beta, but shut that down before we had a chance to test it.  Ideally, whatever they release in the coming months allows for launching and exiting our app without needing the controller at all.  And even better would be the ability to live stream or screen capture in our apps via voice too.

Thanks.  As somebody from the UK, I'm embarrassed to have got that so wrong!  I'm very familiar with both accents so I'll have to blame it on me being grossly unfit and exhausted while exercising and not thinking clearly.  I'd still prefer an uplifting US accent  Smile

I watched some of Google IO 2019 the other day and they made a lot of their improved voice assistants in upcoming versions of Android.  Maybe Oculus are planning on making more use of that somehow in the future.

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