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Unity SDK Quest-2 Access Denied
Hi, I have installed the SDK from the Asset Store and got the test scene running in Unity 2019.4.16f1. The scene builds without errors for the Quest-2, but once started, an error message "Denied Permissions" appears in the headset. What must be done to get this running? I am currently in the trial period of a premium subscription, and would absolutely pay for a yearly subscription if rides built in Unity were possible with the Quest-2.
I'd like to add that my students are going to design a new bike path, and we would then like to offer the public virtual rides to bring them into the discussion. If forum members are interested, and if possible, we could also invite those interested in test rides. Hope this can be achieved with your platform. From what I saw, it seems to stand alone in allowing to create VR rides in Unity. Hope someone can help us getting there.
Edit / Update: Building the scene in URP solves the 'Denied Permissions' issue. However, the Magene S3+ is not recognized. There is a message 'Turn on Bike and pedal forward'. Spinning the sensor doesn't do anything, even though it works in Explorer. Could it be a special bike or sensor is needed? I have posted this find in this thread as well: (apologies for the duplicate).
did you ever get this working? just curious.

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