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Quest Support
My new Quest will be delivered today.  What is the current state of support for this device? On VZfit, instead of the Oculus download codes that you see for the Go, there's messaging to contact Support to access the Quest beta apps. I did reach out to Support, but I've not heard back as of yet. I take it they are not quite ready for release.  When I do get the beta apps, will I have to side load them?
Our apps fully work on the Quest, and you can download them today as soon as our support team adds you to the beta list. You should hear back soon. We'll switch to download keys like the Go when we get them from Oculus.
Just received oculus quest. Any special instructions how to migrate from Oculus go to Oculus quest?
Either unpair your VZ Button from the Go, or make sure your Go is turned all the way off, then pair the VZ Button to the Quest.

Should work the same as the Go after that, but you'll lean rather than tilt to steer, like our old games on PC/PSVR.
I also just got my Quest today.  How do I access the games?  They aren't showing up in my library.  What do you need to add me so that they will show up?  Also, I have the original VirZoom bike.  What do I need to do to pair and play using it?
Another new user with Quest trying to gets access to Vzfit Explorer. I have the Vzfit sensor. Please let us where to get the apps.
It's great to see so much Quest interest!

Please email with the subject line "Quest Beta Access" and we'll get you sorted out quickly.  You can also save some time by preemptively confirming your consent for us to add you to our beta distribution list and by sending us the email address that you used to create your Oculus account.
I just got everything running for the quest and tried it for the very first time. The movement is jumpy, not smooth. Is that correct? The cars on the road were sort of flattened as well. I felt dizzy very quickly and so stopped. I haven't tried Play yet, just Explorer. I'm not really sure how it works as I didn't see any kind of tutorial. Maybe I was doing something wrong?
Hi slippy did you try our suggested routes first? Route 128 in Colorado is a good starting point, especially when you get into the cliffs. Explorer works by distorting streetview images, the world isn’t fully modeled. The road beneath you should move smoothly, but the environment is a mix of smooth and slideshow depending on depth data. Cars on the road will look flattened because they are considered the same depth as the road. Some routes are better than others, we’re on the lookout for good ones and you can find your own. Open country rides generally feel the best.

Play games are fully modeled so feel completely continuous, and we’re looking into options for Explorer to adapt to different sensitivities.
Thanks! I think it was a suggested route (maybe Arizona) but I will try Play next. I am new to VR so it was probably even more jarring for me than for others. I will be out of town this weekend but will try when I get back.

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