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SDK Feedback
We are trying to learn/work with the SDK. Specifically, we need to get a first person with and remove the HUD from rider view. Additionally, we need to adjust the Speedfudge.

Has anyone tried this in the SDK?
Sorry for the delay! If you are starting with the test scene that comes with the SDK, the HUD is the BikeTest object under VZPlayer, which you can deactivate or delete to remove. The Speedfudge parameter is on the VZPlayer object. If you also want to remove the avatar, it's the VZ_Bikecontroller object under VZPlayer, though we recommend you keep some kind of avatar or object in the scene because it helps guide the player's head to navigate turns.
Is there anyone who could help us put together a fairly basic set of scenes? the requirements are attached and I am trying to work on it, but I imagine this would not be that hard to put together for someone with some experience. We can pay a bit for the project, the requirements are attached.

This is for a student research project at Gonzaga University and we would really like to make this project happen, but we are on a short timeline.

Thanks for any help or advice.

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.docx   Requirements for VR protocols.docx (Size: 13.09 KB / Downloads: 1)
I am by no means a developer. But, I love my Oculus Go, and I love my VZfit.

I wanted to see how easy it would be to take some free unity assets and move around inside them with the VZfit SDK.

I was motivated by robkay's post.

This was actually easier for me to do, than any of Oculus Sample scenes. Trying to learn unity I made many sample apps, but couldn't figure out how to free move, or teleport in them. But, with the VZfit SKD, it was easy peasy.

I forgot to ask this bit:
When in Unity, if I want to demo it, I can use the keyboard, right? Spacebar pedals, and the A and D keys should lean left and right to steer the bike? Well, my camera leans, but it doesn't actually steer the bike (works fine when I load apk on my Oculus Go though). I'd like to be able to steer when in unity. Am I missing something?

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