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UFO Hunt
As mentioned if anyone needs help I'm happy to assist (or just tell you right where they are.)

Maybe I should get back on Facebook....
I've been down with the sickness (head/chest cold) but I'm ready to resume the hunt! I'm not gonna ask for a hint yet... still hoping for some competition Wink
Just one that hasn't been discovered, we hope someone finds it!

Note if you find all the UFOs you'll get a "UFO Hunter" achievement in the Explorer section of
Will do the clue for number 7 tomorrow Smile In the meantime I have updated the first 4 locations at the top to include the state and the clue!
have been doing some hunting today.... I guess I know where it ISN'T Big Grin Looking forward to that clue!
*stalks thread*
(02-11-2020, 06:58 PM)Stain2319 Wrote: *stalks thread*

The arrival of this disc united the people.  Later history shows the hunters pursued more air time.
Awww yeah! 

That was super fun.  Hope you guys do more like this!!
(01-14-2020, 09:42 PM)Snowpelt Wrote: Check out our most recent blog for the details on our new UFO Hunt! Blog Post

Please use this thread to discuss options and ideas.  We will update the main post here to show how many UFO's have been found and by how many people.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Mount Rainier: Found by 64 users
Location #2: Found by 30 users
Clue: In the desert everyone needs a well in July
State: New Mexico
Location #3: Found by 5 users
Clue: The red raiders say the lone star shines the brightest of lights, but only the hart has captured it
State: Texas
Location #4: Found by 2 users
Clue: Trent took 2 found between Evans and Ford on 3rd
State: Oregon
Location #5: Found by 7 users
Clue: The wild prairie rose blew past over the football stadium and past the airport. Higher and higher it went but 14,000 feet was as far as it could go, before settling near the old broadway.
Location #6: Found by 1 user
Brighter than the brightest star! The situation is developing rapidly, but fear not Van Buren is on the case.
Location #7: found by 1 user


Haha it's up now, great job!  Next time we hope to build this into an automatically tracked event.

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