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VZfit Explorer favorite rides
Added a new 17.3 mile ride in County Mayo, Ireland. Enjoy
And a 5.1 mile ride in the French Alps, recommended by mikedev10!
I just shared my first ride with the community this morning after successfully completing it. The name's a bit vague - surfous's Unknown ride - but it's a bit over 19.2 miles from Bride to Peel Castle on the Isle of Man (Eric, feel free to rename it if you're so inclined).

I've got some others, but found that I need to tweak them some after trying them. I'll keep sharing as I find ones that work!
Thanks surfous!! We specify "Unknown" when Google returns no region for it. I renamed it "surfous's Isle of Man Ride", but you'll have to re-favorite it.
Just posted a 7.3 mile ride up Mt Washington. Note that car brakes actually overheat going down it!
Just curious, many of the "Suggested Rides" on the website do not show up in the app. How do you find them? For example "Old Military Road, Ireland" is no where to be found for me at least.
All of them are in the game under the Suggested tab of Find Rides. Note there can be multiple pages of rides, you can press left and right to go between, but Old Military Road is on Page 1.
Just added Gap of Dunloe, Ireland ride to replace County Mayo ride which had an uncrossable gap in white dot path.

I also shortened the Antarctica route for the same reason.
And we've released our first "Roadside Attraction": a 4.3 mile stroll through fossil country to the World's Largest Dinosaur in Alberta, Canada.

This theme seems fruitful as long as we can find interesting routes to such important destinations. Smile
We just suggested surfous's Isle of Man Ride, and would like to keep suggesting the best rides you all share!

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