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VZfit Explorer favorite rides
Iceland, Westfjords Region
65.8657303, -23.4797526
head SE through the pass
haven't tried, but some proposals for y'all to check out:

leguna seca:!8i6656

circuit of the americas:!8i6656

fuji speedway:!8i6656

you could try istiklal street down to taksim square:,...312!8i6656
i like walking down all the side streets and seeing all the cats, although i'm going to assume that many turn options and maybe this busy of streets can get more distracting/challenging on riding through vz fit street view world(?)

swiss alps + lago bianco:,...6656?hl=en

tail of the dragon:,...312!8i6656

arlington cemetery:,...312!8i6656

national mall:,...312!8i6656


stelvio pass:,...312!8i6656


col de manet:,...312!8i6656



buddhist temple:,...312!8i6656

silver mine:


floating piers:,...312!8i6656

hatobuki park:,...312!8i6656

lake harris:

sourdough ridge:,...312!8i6656

ambrym volcano:!8i6656


island beach:,...312!8i6656

dry tortugas national park:,...312!8i6656

monkey beach:,...312!8i6656

kitikami river:,...312!8i6656

moraine lake:,...312!8i6656



italian road:,...312!8i6656
(02-25-2019, 10:58 PM)petemac Wrote: Iceland, Westfjords Region
65.8657303, -23.4797526
head SE through the pass

Multiplayer car racing:


(03-09-2019, 09:22 PM)mikedev10 Wrote: haven't tried, but some proposals for y'all to check out:
Awesome Mike!  These all look great, let us know after you ride how they work for exercise and touring.  You'll just need to enter their "lat, lon" into Find Rides.
(03-10-2019, 01:45 AM)ejanszen Wrote: Multiplayer car racing:



note at these coordinates what you most obviously recognize as a race track is the grand prix circuit.  the very famous track that everyone treks out to do is the much larger nordschleife (20.8 km) which is treated as a 'one way public toll road with no speed limit'.  the track is the largest in the world, easily, and relatively easy to get on (just pay a toll).  it is well practiced in videogames like gran turismo before people go for a visit, so they have an understanding of the track layout before they actually go drive the real thing, which takes a lot more effort to learn than your standard 10-15 turn track!  i am really surprised it is not mapped in google street view, particularly given that some other tracks are, which are more difficult to get on to do anything.

(03-10-2019, 01:23 PM)emalafeew Wrote: Awesome Mike!  These all look great, let us know after you ride how they work for exercise and touring.  You'll just need to enter their "lat, lon" into Find Rides.

my virzoom is at a buddy's house with him and his daughter on his ps4.  am awaiting the fit + quest to try it out with my dad at my p's house, which i'm usually at weekly for some family dinners.  my dad is a biker but not a gamer.  i'm excited to try it out, and am quite interested to see what my dad thinks of it.
These speedway routes would be perfect for multiplayer rides! We aren't launching with that ability, but it's very much in our plans to bring to Explorer.
Now that we have more Explorers, let me say we can download new pages of Suggested Rides, which you can help us populate!

I know people would enjoy sharing and crowd-rate them directly, so consider this a stand-in until that feature arrives.

We'd love if you could tell us where a particularly good ride begins, with a specific address or latitude+longitude from your Pause menu (they alternate every 10 sec) and direction of your compass. We can't yet give directions along a ride, so ideally tell us about rides you can ride without sharp turns for a few miles at least.
We just dropped a new page of Suggested Rides on y'all. Thanks to mikedev10, Henrik, Pete and Danielle for them!

Fancifully titled "April 2019 Rides" they come from

- Strada Provinciale, Italy
- Fjallbacka, Sweden
- Kuroslepy, Czechia
- Fuji Speedway, Japan
- Westfjords, Iceland
- State of Alagoas, Brazil
- Magallanes y la Antartica, Chile
- Strada del Passo, Italy

These are all 10-20 mile rides with no intersections to get lost. Note we'll be able to have intersections, reward you for getting to the end, and ride them backward from the end in our next release.
The latest build supports ride destinations and directions, and allows you to share your own rides with the community!

We went through all our suggested rides and gave them destinations, in some cases adjusting their start point to provide the longest fun route. We also added 3 rides new for this month: the Yukon in Alaska, Corsica in France, and Cape Town in South Africa.

You'll see the distance of each ride on the overview screen, but don't feel you have to finish them in one go--the build now remembers where you were on each ride and percent complete, which you can resume any time. You can also start any ride in reverse, which feels like a complete new ride.

You can still go anywhere you see dots, but they are now yellow and white, where white dots take you along Google's suggested path between start and destination.

When you go through a gate to complete a ride, you'll get a "Completed Ride" in your Explorer stats, and will increment the Rides number for everyone to see on shared and suggested rides.

Please make and share rides you love, from the places you know best!

The rides you make are autonamed like "<player>'s <region> Ride <num>" so they are unique for sharing and avoid the need to moderate.

Under Find Rides, "New" will list shared rides in their order of creation, and "Popular" will list rides by the total spins people have put on them over the last 30 days.

Our process to make rides begins on the Google maps website where we zoom in to locations, and then enter their "lat, lon" into the game in Create Rides. But you really have to ride the result because the pictures and tracking from Google can vary. That is why you can only share rides that you've completed at least one time yourself.

We could make the process easier or more powerful in future builds, but want to see how people use the current system and hear what they want most. Some ideas we've had are to allow building rides faster with custom directions on our website, finding start and destinations from a Google map in our game, allow custom names, and allow creation of personalized "stories" you could tell in pictures or words or voice along each ride.
Making this thread sticky again so we can announce new Suggested Rides.

We didn't create a lot in May to allow people to catch up on existing ones, but today added a nice 5.5 mile ride in Nordland, Norway. Thank Danielle if you like it!

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