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UFO Hunt
(01-19-2020, 03:47 PM)Stain2319 Wrote: Got another one this morning.  Y'all need to catch up! Smile

Here's a hint for the one Stain already found.... he will have to wait for the next hint until Wednesday. Happy hunting.

Hint for Site 4
Trent took 2 found between Evans and Ford on 3rd
found #4
TLC and Stain tied with 4 each, the same 4.
It's Wednesday, Hint?
The wild prairie rose blew past over the football stadium and past the airport. Higher and higher it went but 14,000 feet was as far as it could go, before settling near the old broadway.
boom! #5 found.   Cool
(01-22-2020, 11:02 PM)Stain2319 Wrote: boom! #5 found.   Cool

Quick!  I need to come up with more cryptic riddles !
I may have an unfair advantage... I work from home and can hop on the bike at a moment's notice almost any time. Plus, I am somewhat of a UFO buff.... Big Grin
I did the Mount Rainier ride yesterday and found the first UFO. I chose to ride forwards which was downhill all the way. I tried the first person view thinking it would probably be too disorted to enjoy properly at that level but it actually ran great and gave an awesome feeling of speed. Going to use that mode more often now!
Next clue!

Brighter than the brightest star! The situation is developing rapidly, but fear not Van Buren is on the case.

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