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Explorer ride issues: Chile, Czechia, South Africa
Got another few... I figured I'd start a new post so the resolved ones just age off the forum instead of having a frankenthread that doesn't match its subject anymore. 

Magallanes y la Antartica, Chile

Unlike the Ireland suggested ride, I couldn't figure out what's going on with this ride. When I go to ride it forward, I see only yellow dots in either direction, the remaining distance is 0km and the percentage is, of course, 0%. If I try to ride it in reverse, I see the remaining distance as over 3,400km (!). I think I only saw yellow dots in the reverse direction as well, but that bit I don't recall for sure. In any case, I could ride, but I'm not at all sure where it's putting me or where it wants me to go. 


I only rode this ride forward, and I got to the end, but the white dots just turned yellow. No gate, and presumably no credit for completion. 

South Africa

Rode it forward just fine, and completed it. Riding it in reverse, however, I got stuck at some point in the middle, coming down from the highest point - I think it was around Lookout Point on Chapmans Peak Cape. The white dots stopped, and I couldn't proceed. I turned around, and was able to go back for a few dots, but ran out of them again. I couldn't find a way out at this point, and the scenery was badly distorted around whatever 3D construct had me trapped.
I'll look into these now. Chile is one of my favorite rides and had white dots going the right direction last time I checked.

For Czechia, gates show up to the nearest white dot within 15m, so its end point is probably just outside that range. I can fix and give you credit for the ride!

For South Africa, do the dots reappear if you restart the Explorer app and resume that ride? That usually fixes it on rare occasions the dots don't download, but I'll also to fix automatically with smarter loading logic.
There was indeed a problem with Chile path and Czechia endpoint, both fixed now. Also gave you credit for the Czechia ride since I see you did the miles Smile

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