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Airwolf Returns Prize Event
We've begun another $100 prize challenge, for cumulative score in River Run thru June 7.

Note when you have enough total coins on your helicopter you can unlock the "Homing Missiles" upgrade, which allows you to paint multiple targets and fire once at all of them.

Also remember when you want to bleed height but not speed, hold down the B button (left trigger on original bikes).  Additionally on the Quest you can lean forward to accomplish that, like our old PC version.
Did the River Run a couple times with a Quest and the leaning forward doesn't work. It does work for the Pegasus? The left trigger does lower height.
I fixed this in another build Friday. Go and Quest automatically update programs but can take a day. If you want to update sooner, click on Updates section of your library.
Ok, thanks, will check it out.
Just tried the River Run again and leaning forward still doesn't seem to work.
Ok will check it out tonight, out of town now without a Quest
You're right, uploading new build soon. Before leaving Friday I had fixed it for Pegasus and the forward speed and tilt factors of Heli, but not (most importantly) for the lift factor of Heli
Working Now, Thanks.
I have some questions and concerns about River run.
1. sometimes when I try to re-center by pressing on A (after looking down), I accidently lose my missile and then it impacts the score as it breaks the chain of destroying enemies.
2. sometimes accidently instead of pressing on A, if i press volume button, then I can't fire until that volume thing disappear on screen. this becomes so annoying.
3. also I am having some trouble with Oculus Go that sometimes screen disappears completely black and then i have to press and hold that screen adjustment button on oculus control to get the view back
Thanks for the report!
(1) we are filtering out such UI actions (including recenter, difficulty, and menu button) from other games, but sounds like we missed Heli shooting. Will add in next build.
(2) the volume controls go straight to the GO so we can't do anything about the volume display, but i'm surprised that stops the other buttons from working since we read those directly. will test and confirm
(3) we haven't seen that, have you found any discussion of it on Oculus forums or google?

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