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[split] VZfit Play updates
Live event for tank thunderbolt after I collect all gems in the row it shows that I am getting 100 points extra bonus, it pops up that I’m getting bonus, but when I look at the score it’s not added. I get 10 points per each gem, but not 100 points bonus at the end.

Also after about 40 waves when you start the next wawe it shoots the first shot spontaneously when you just entering the next wave.

When I was playing Saturday Sunday and yesterday there is quite a bit of flickering and blurriness when turning sideways any direction . Makes it very difficult to shoot since it is very blurry. You have to stop to aim and shoot.
this is completely gone when you are going Straight forward and not turning. It is very annoying. Not sure if this is a problem with my Oculus goal or servers.
I also noticed this morning that were in trying to check the leaderboard on the life event when you click on particular player there is error message with server down.
You were getting the 100 pt bonus, it just wasn't showing up in the HUD until your next kill. It's fixed in the latest live build.

We'll look into the spontaneous shot after 40 waves.

We haven't seen the turning blurriness you describe, but the GO does drop performance when it's close to overheating or low battery. Does this happen when the GO is fully charged and its front plate is cool?

I fixed the player leaderboards just now. Last night I added Explorer Ride stats which failed if you haven't played Explorer--you should try it! Smile
Thanks for fixing the 100 bonus points.
My oculus go gets blurry from the beginning, not when it is overheated or when the battery is low. Not sure what happened.
Thanks for fixing the leaderboard

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