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This forum will be terminated soon / :-(
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I have just received answer for VZ Fit email support (see below). It is very sad, but they are planning to terminated this forum. So let enjoy the last days of its existence. I thing, that this is very bad decision, because this forum has some structure, history, there are ride reviews and many good and useful things which could not be fully replaced inf Facebook page. Huh


Eyal (VZFit Support)
Apr 5, 2021, 11:02 AM EDT
Hi Daniel,

Sorry about the lack of forum support. We will be terminating the forums soon and they don't exist on the new website. Our community engagement is primarily conducted on the Facebook community page now and we are working on a comprehensive FAQ to be released as soon as possible.

Yes the Erics are both with the company and we are working hard on updates as we rapidly approach release on the Oculus Store.

Please stay tuned to the Facebook page and any marketing emails as we have a host of new features coming soon.

I hope this answers your questions and assuages some of your concerns.


That's a shame. I much prefer a forum. Not only as you state, is it a more effective format for certain things, but frankly, I prefer to stay off Facebook. I won't be following the vzfit page or posting on it.

I'm developing a game with the SDK in Unity also, and planned to share it here as I make progress. I don't know how anyone else will find out about it now because I don't want to put it on Facebook. I don't want to put anything on Facebook.
If I had my way, we'd be using even older NNTP News readers instead of forums. But I totally get your drift, and we are still keeping our Discord site open for users that prefer that to Facebook.

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