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City Mode Framerate
I've tried city mode a couple of times, but when it's turned on, the framerate appears to divebomb and the screen flicker in unbearable. I'm using the Quest 2.
Hi yogurtspy,

City Mode places a much more variable load on the game than Country or Comfort modes. In addition to 360 image downloading & decompressing, we are downloading map data and building geometry based on it out to your viewing distance, whereas Country mode is just building depth geometry around each image. The cost to download and build that initially can be rough but it usually smooths out after about 10 sec.

Also in some very dense cities (like the ones that most people want to see) the geometry detail can become pretty high, and rather than sacrifice viewing distance we limit the target framerate to 60 fps instead of the default 72 fps for Country and Comfort modes on the Quest.

I haven't seen it stay below 60 fps on Quest 2 even in dense cities after 10 sec, or ever flicker. If you can share the lat/lon of such places I'd be happy to look into them.

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