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Indoor bike with resistance control compatible with VZFIT
I am a new VzFit user. I am using a basic indoor bike combined with a cadence and speed sensor.

Since I plan to buy a new indoor bike, I am interested in knowing if any bike is compatible with VzFit and supports resistance control. I found a thread discussing the topic, but as far I understood, it seems only cycling trainers, such as Kinetic Road Machine, support resistance control. Am I correct, or does exist any indoor bike available?
As far as I am aware...this feature is not widely available yet, even with trainers. I purchased a Wahoo KickR Snap... and it isn't a feature that is available there either.

The problem isn't with VZFIT per se... it is with hardware manufacturers that are not updating their hardware to agreed-upon universal standards, or claiming to have them, when in fact they do not. Some hardware manufacturers claimed years ago that the updates would be ready last year... and we are still waiting.

Kinectic worked with VZFIT, they are one of the few hardware manufacturers that did. In retrospect... as much as I like the Wahoo KickR... I wonder if I made the wrong purchase decision.

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