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YouTube videos of rides, copyright?
When i searched for info on YouTube for games that could use an indoor bike with VR glasses, it took a while to find VZfit. There doesnt seem to be many videos out there? Its hard to find this game by accident or even when trying to find something like it.

Is there some reason for this, like it's not allowed to upload VZfit videos because of copyright issues?

I would be interested in uploading some videos to my YouTube channel, if it doesnt lead to copyright issues.
I would think that if you upload without the in-game music, you'll be fine. The game (if it can be called that) isn't really released yet. AFAIK that's the next big update that they've been working on, getting it all set to release on the store itself.

It'd be nice though if they could have a channel of non-copyrighted music, whether they commission it themselves, or allow the community to showcase their musical talents.
No music part i could have guessed.

I was planning on riding though Finland virtually and show it in YouTube, but if a dev of the game doesnt say its ok, i dont want to risk it with the Finnish copyright laws.
It is usually the music that ends up causing the copywrite issues. Otherwise, it should be fine.

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