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J1K’s Chernobyl Tour
I’ve created a ride starting at the Woodpecker radar then onward towards the power station. If long, uninhabited, tree lined roads and open, empty highways are your thing then it’s a great ride. At around 40% you get your first tantalising glimpse of the sarcophagus as it rises ominously on the horizon before disappearing behind the trees. It’s also around this point where you see your first car and first hint that this isn’t a completely abandoned wilderness. You’ll slowly and ever so gradually start to see the odd car, truck and even some people as you ride along the otherwise empty highway until the 58% mark where you finally start to see more and more traces of the famous disaster site. At 60% you are amongst it and your hard work is rewarded with impressive views of the towers and sarcophagus. After cycling around the Chernobyl power station site you then jump (I need to work on this bit) to Pripyat where you can see the eerily empty buildings through the trees, eventually ending at the finish line which takes in another very famous landmark. It’s worth continuing the ride and exploring a bit more of Pripyat if you have time.

It needs a few more tweaks but Google coverage in the area is understandably sketchy so will take a bit more work to find a way of getting from Chernobyl to Pripyat without the jump. Overall I really enjoyed the ride though and hope others do too.
I did this ride and found it very interesting, especially as it used trails as well as live street views. Thanks for putting this up on the site.

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