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Recommended Button Controller?
Hi, please can someone recommend me a bluetooth button controller to use with Explorer as I don't like using the Quest 2 controllers. I hang them from my bike's handlebars but as they swing, they are constantly turning on the yellow pointer in game or the little red boundary box with the circle in it and I have to keep stopping to faff about with the controllers. They just don't seem to go into sleep mode and stay there, it's becoming really frustrating.

Better still would be if we could have either hand-gesture control or voice-control in the game supported so we could either use our hands in a similar way to how it works in the Oculus menu; looking at the palm of your hand could bring up the Explorer puase menu and then you could just use your fingers to point at the option you want and squeeze your fingers and thumb together to press enter. Or just simply use voice commands such as "Stop Ride", "Resume Ride" or "Options" etc.

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