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Props to MikeintheCLE (If you're on the forums toss me a buddy invite)
You are killing us ALL in points, my friend! 

I first saw you on the oval track and thought 'maybe' you figured out a secret beyond the current way to rack up the most points (which I won't give away here)

I just rode this week's event (Le Tour) and nope, it's not that you figured out any secrets, you're actually riding close to 4hrs a day! 

I nerded out and did the math...

The max score one can get if they hit all targets  (and bonus' which I won't share here) is approx 19,000 - 20,000 before the track comes to an end and there is nothing more you can actually do except wait, or quit. (Quitting for those who don't know does still keep your points)

You are at approx 237,000 and it's been 3 days... that breaks down as follows:

79,000 points per day @ say 20,000 (which I think is more than you can) per 45 min session, that's 4x 45-minute sessions per day!

You sir are a machine!!! Congratulations!!!

That's some dedication! Can I have some of that? Smile 

I lost 35 lbs in 4 months doing 1 45 min session a day (plus lifting) when I 1st got my setup...can't imagine where I would be with your drive! 

Props for kicking our butts and a tip of the cap to you sir!

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