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Wahoo Kickr Snap or Kinetic Road Machine Control Bike Trainer
Hello all!

Newbie vzfit rider here. I currently have the Wahoo Kickr Snap, but after reading a bit in the forums, I'm realizing that the lack of FTMS bluetooth connection may prevent me from taking advantage of resistance control in vzfit explore/play. For those of you with the Kinetic Road Machine Control Bike Trainer, how are you liking it with vzfit? Considering returning the Kickr, but want to hear some opinions as well. Also, how does the Road Machine do with connecting to other apps? Thanks!
Note the latest Explorer build gives detailed feedback on device connection steps, including what profile it has (Cycling & Speed, Cycling Power, or FTMS) and also whether its FTMS profile supports "indoor bike resistance control".

Does the Kickr report as non-FTMS or FTMS with no resistance control? It's in our roadmap to add resistance support to non-FTMS devices who's custom protocols we can find, but that won't be soon.

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