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Suggestions for Future Updates
I don't see anywhere to put suggestions so I figured I'd make a post of some improvements that could be nice to have:

  • Hand tracking
Allowing for hand tracking would make getting into the explorer quicker with less breaks when trying to figure out how you want to ride and with what options.

  • Have a google map on the left hand
When looking at the left hand, have it open up a map that has the route you've gone so far and the locations around you, this way it wouldn't impede your workout

  • Send data to fitbit/strava only when the ride is finished
Currently, if I stop for a moment to get a drink, or for whatever reason have to go outside of VR, the data is sent to Strava and it acts like I've finished. Not the highest priority, just would be nice to have my ride as one activity regardless of breaks.

  • Hand tracking shortcut for snapshots
Take snapshots without having to go into the menu or hold a controller. Could setup the pose beforehand, or just have it be random poses.

  • Hand tracking for turning
Instead of tilting/leaning, have it so we can put our hands up like we're riding, then turn them to go the direction we want to go

  • Adjust tension based on whether going up/down hill or level
Some bikes (like one of the peloton models) have automatic tension adjustment based on info sent to the bike. It would be awesome if the app could increase/decrease tension based on whether going uphill or downhill.

For those bikes that don't, an alert to increase/decrease would be cool too, though you kinda have that already with how the avatar gets up and starts pushing harder, but you can only see that in 3rd person.

That's all I can think of right now. Loving the app though and how it interacts with Google Street View.
A suggestion I would have is the ability to stop pedaling coast, especially going downhill on the Bicycle game. This would add some realism and allow short pedal breaks without stopping in the middle of the road.
I love this app way more than the other riding app that's popular but the interface on the web here is just not something I like at all. Most of the information that is presented on my stat page has nothing to do with me. The only stuff that should populate a user's stats page are things that they have done. As it is now, everything is presented there: games (that I do not play), every single available ride, a slew of suggested rides, etc. I appreciate the games and the rides that people upload but they should not all have to live on my stats page. There should be a page dedicated to all the available rides and info about them and how to search for them, etc.

I would like to be able to open my Stats or Manage My Rides page and see My stats: the date, the ride I took and how many miles I traveled that day. If it's a long ride then the mileage for the day should be available and if I continue the ride tomorrow there should be another entry with the date, ride name and how many miles I rode that day. If I have not done something in the app like play a game or done a particular ride, it really should not be taking up space on my stats page.

I belong to a club in which I have to manually enter my mileage into an app. If I ride in this app and it's a long ride, I have to make sure that I stop as soon as the percent changes and then use a calculator to see how many miles I rode today. Then next time, I have to stop at when the percent changes and calculate again how many miles for the day. Having to do that after every ride is puzzling. It just should not be that complicated.
Hi, I would like:
  • different nature sounds tracks for VZfit.  The same track is getting a bit monotonous. Would be nice to have scenery-appropriate background sound, meaning, snow crunching in the snowy areas, ocean sounds by the ocean, forest sounds in the forest, etc. Even if we could choose them on the "FM" stations instead of the game detecting based on the ride would be nice.
  • Helmet color - would be nice to be able to change the color of the bicycle it's nice and matchy-matchy with the other clothing options that are currently in the game.
  • would be nice to have some sort of attachment for the controllers to my bicycle handlebars.  If something exists please let me know thanks  Smile
I'd like to add my vote to some sort of minimap being available to show where you are on your current route and to get a better idea of how far you've got left and how far you have gone (this would be very handy for long routes). But I'd like it to be available on the top display along with the other Explorer information but perhaps with some options for how big the minimap is or different zoom levels.

It would also be great to have a little clock in the game so you can see what time it is in the real world.

As has been mentioned, some sort of coasting functionality would be great for when you stop pedalling. I'm sure how long and how fast the bike coasts for could be worked out based on the rider's rpm/current speed in the game. Then perhaps you would naturally come to a stop after a certain distance or you could assign a button on a controller to act as a brake. There could always be an option to disable this if a user doesn't want coasting. I think coasting would also allow for a more natural riding style and allow people the opportunity to stand up off the seat for a while to get blood flowing again and have a little rest (I can't be the only one who gets a sore bottom and this is made worse by the more static riding style of stationary bikes, along with constant pedalling).
Pedaling backwards should act as brake.
Hand tracking and tracking for the handlebar of our indoorbike, so you know where to put your hands.
If you have a smartwatch, it could be in the game too and mirror the screen there. Id like to be able to see smartwatch info while riding.
Waypoints for ingame ride creating.
And it would be fun to have a real size car with pedals to choose also instead of bike.
I would also like to be able to see how many miles I have ridden while riding. An odometer showing total miles on bike and total trip miles would be great. Also like the idea of a mini map that shows how many miles traveled and where you are. Thanks!

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