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Explorer... can I jump ahead on map
Hi there... I developed a ride on Explorer that accidentally crossed its own path (crossing over an intersection I'd gone down in a city). Now while I'm in the ride, the bike freezes at that crossroad. Is there any way to jump ahead on the map to continue my 93 km ride? Thank you! Paula
Not currently that I've seen, but you may be able to submit a support ticket and ask them if they can move your place up manually. At the least, that would be a good bug for them to see and fixe.
Hi Pizounce... thanks so much for your quick reply. I looked everywhere for a workaround and couldn't find a way either. I was hoping for a “Jump ahead” button the way they let you go back several metres. It would help when you get to roundabouts and hairpin turns on country roads in the hills sometimes, too! Just jump over them. They're a bit dizzying.

I'll just have to redraw the rest of my journey I guess, but I'll put in a ticket as you suggest.
Thanks again,P
If your not using auto steer try changing to that while going through the bit your getting stuck in. I got stuck on a route l had made and that worked for me

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