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Multiple Accounts

My wife would like to have a separate account so she can link it to her Strava account and not get all of my stats going to her Strava account. 

I was wondering if there is any way to have two accounts on one subscription, or will she have to sign up for another subscription? 

We only have one VR headset in the house that we share between us. 

Hope this makes sense.

Hey Aaron,
Our subscription is based on your Oculus ID. So as long as you using either the same headset, or multiple headsets all with the same oculus ID you can have as many accounts as you like. She would just need to create an account on our site, and then there is a log out/switch users option in both apps. You will need to enter a registration code each time on to swap, but it's usually pretty easy to keep it bookmarked on your phone and logged in to quickly access it and enter the code.
Let me know if you have any issues!
Thats Great! Thanks for your help!!

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