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Maps Don't Load in VZ Explorer
So I just signed up today and got both apps installed on my Quest 1 headset. 

However, whenever I try to search for/start a ride I get a message saying "this page can't load Google Maps correctly" where the map start and end points should be displayed. I can sometimes hit "OK" to close the box displaying this message and underneath instead of the map it just has green tiles labeled "For development purposes only". If I select to start the ride, the environment is just blue and the bike swings up and down. 

I did mange go get one ride started with the map/environment displayed, World's Largest Dinosaur, Canada, but instead of being 4.2 miles long it put in the finish line about 0.4 miles in. 

I have granted the app all requested permissions and tried uninstalling/ reinstalling and restarting the headset
App Build: 12/28/2020 11:16:15pm
Quest System Version 23

Any ideas?
I'm getting that too on my Q2. Thought it may have been me or my connection, but looks like I'm not alone.
I have the same problem.
Looks like they have a status page,, which shows there were some issues that should be resolved. Though the ride I was on won't let me resume it.
Hey Everyone,
Sorry we had a google outage last night for about 2 hours. It's super rare that these happen and I apologize for any issues it caused and for not posting here. I do keep the status page and the facebook group updated as quickly as possible but in the rush of trying to get the issue resolved forgot to post here.. If your having issues with a ride you were on you can reach out and we can help out, but I think I already resolved your issue Pizounce.

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