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Glitch in Curvey Race Event
Was doing the event today and had completed 3 10 minute rides.  I had almost completed my forth event when the game crashed.  I got a black screen and was then kicked out of VZPlay back to the Oculus home.  This also happened to my husband a couple days ago.  He was about 30 seconds from competing a 30 minute ride when the same thing happened to him.  We have different headsets and different bikes.  There were no connection issues that I could tell. Not a big deal, but was frustrating to both of us.
Hey Mystic,
Sorry about that, will look into what could have happened. Mind if I ask which headset are you using? Also are your headsets normally connected to wifi I don't see a crash report for either of these sessions.
I was using the Quest and my husband was on a Quest 2. Was on wifi in both cases.
Thanks for the info! Will take a look.

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