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Early reflections on VZfit explorer
After a few days of using VZexplorer it is time for some early reflections on it.
And those are very shiny. I love the rides, it is more than I expected!  Although it has it flaws i see that these are being handled and it is also nice to see that this is not a shelf product which is left alone. These regular updates are nice and also promising for the future.

What I really have on my wishlist is to race against ghosts,  opponent ghosts or my own ghost. That would be so cool.
With maybe a small minimap on the HUD where those ghosts are.
I have faith in the roadmap for this product and I guess this will be on the devs wishlist as well.

Something else to consider (forgive me if someone else also brought this up):
I have found out that it gives me  maximum immersion if i'm racing with my head down (and looking to the moving concrete) most of the time and every once in a while I look up. (It then also minimizes looking at distortions) The only thing then is that the recenter button and the yellow dot lights up and this really kind of breaks the immersion.
Is there maybe some solution for this? That would be nice.


Hi Erik thanks for the feedback!

We like the idea of ghost races too. There are a couple reasons we haven't implement them yet. One is our difficulty adjustment lets you move different speeds, which would be unfair, but if you're only racing yourself and use the same difficulty it would be fair. Second is we clamp your top speed, to manage streetview image downloading and processing, so you'd have a hard time catching up to a ghost going at top speed.

We're thinking of ways to solve these problems for ghost races like we did with our trainer.

Regarding the recenter button, we already hide it in favor of the oculus hand controller home-button method of recentering for standing mode. For the next build we're going to make that an option for bike mode as well.
Thanks! Nice to see you're looking for solutions for this.
Considering the ghost races, I sure can imagine this will be tough to implement. For now I have enough fun just cycling as it is!

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