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No Lotus Pond?
LOVE the VZFit with my Oculus Go, but no Lotus Pond game except for "Kiosk Only"?  In the past it appears some home users sans (official) VirZoom bike could play it either on Steam, PS4 or Xbox with a gamepad controller although a lot of complaints about unfair advantage, etc.  I have an old build available from 4/19/2018 back when I intended to buy the original bike.  I tried opening the old build with a combination of Oculus Rift w/ touch controllers, Windows 10 PC, Xbox One gamepad, Anself Ant+ USB dongle to see if anything got me past "Plug in bike dongle" page. No luck.  VZFit sensor is up and running.  That didn't do the trick.  Maybe pointless endeavor if no Lotus Pond there anyway.  Any thoughts?
Hi, the old build you are referring to is VirZOOM Arcade, which did support multiple platforms, but is no longer being updated. It does have Lotus Pond in it. You would need our original bike controller to play it however. It didn't support other types of game controllers. And the "Plug In Bike Dongle" messages refers to a specific type of Bluetooth dongle that communicates with our old bike.

VZfit is Quest/Go only. There is definitely a sacrifice in performance, but we consider the ease of use, price point, and lack of wires to be perfect for our application, so we chose those headsets for VZfit to keep us focused on features and content. Lotus Pond has so far been an unfortunate casualty of that choice because of the water and many layers of trees around the pond, but we have some thoughts on how to bring it back into the level list in due time.

VZfit Kiosk is our high-end commercial product, which does include Lotus Pond because it runs on a powerful PC, but that's only sold into fitness centers.
Thanks for the quick response. I guess it's "taps" for Lotus Pond - at least for now.
We've started looking into replacing all the trees with rocks and cliffs, and think we have a decent one-pass water solution that's performant enough. When it's definitely in our sprint plans will let you know.
Awesome! Thanks.

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