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New User: A couple of Issues
I am trying to use this with quest 2 and so far I am impressed with what it offers.

I am using it with Coo Spo Cadence and speed sensor. It picks up alright but it shows large rpm (I seem to be moving faster than the normal traffic). I am using the quest controller to set the parameters

Sometimes it shows me moving against the traffic and there seems to be no way to turn around.

When I try to take a turn, most of the time it misses the turn although I lean as much as 45 degrees

Could not find the altitude indicator so that I can control the resistance of the bike accordingly

When I ride in the city, the graphics is not very clear most of the time. I compared it with Google street view which seems to be much better. I do not mind going through buildings or cars once a while but it would be more fun to be able to read the road signs.

Overall it is novel and to my knowledge nothing like this exists. I have one day of the short evaluation left. I am considering buying the subscription if I can get help regarding some of the above issues.
Hey Jojo,

Welcome aboard!

What are you seeing for RPM numbers? Our standard rider is somewhere between 60-100 RPMS usually. Also can you clarify what you mean by moving faster than normal traffic?

As far as moving against traffic, it's important to know how we are getting these pictures. They are coming from Google street view's current images. So sometimes you will end up switching sides of the road mid ride, if there are newer images, or images from another car on another day. We also don't restrict you to riding the same direction as the car, which can give you the impression of going against traffic. There are a few rides that maintain the same POV all the way through, but they are pretty hard to find.

For Turns: Leaning to much doesn't actually help much, there is a maximum amount of lean that translates into turn, the key for most turns is to slow down. There are some hairpin turns that are very difficult to do and you can always recenter if there is an issue. You can also try Lean Steering and Auto steering to see if they are easier on you.

Altitude- There is currently no in game indication of the hill grade, this is something we have on our list to add

We are not streaming the highest rez images in while biking, but usually you should be able to read the signs. If you stop moving we do stream in the 4k image so you will notice it sharpen up, you can always go into high rez mode to remove all distortion as well.

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