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satechi controller not pairing - quest 2
We have discovered that the Quest 2 isn't properly supporting bluetooth keyboards, including the VZ Button and other media buttons which use the keyboard profile. We tested 7 different devices from BT 3-5 and they all initially connect but then fail to reconnect after a disconnection. The only fix is to forget them and restart your headset, which isn't a workable solution.

The reason is probably related to the upcoming VR keyboard from Logitech. Hopefully Oculus can get back to supporting all bluetooth keyboards, we're talking to them now about our button at least. Until then please use either Oculus hand controller in place of VZ Button, with A/X and B/Y in place of up and down. We will keep everyone informed here about steps toward resolving this.

Thank You
Hi Eric, I haven't had time to cycle this past week and am just about to do a ride now. I logged in here to see if there had been any progress and I'm thankful for the explanation so that I don't spend the next forty minutes or so trying to connect it! AS I use Explorer almost exclusively it's not a major problem for me, and sounds like a fix might come at some point in the future anyway so that's positive.

Aside from this Bluetooth quirk, I'm loving the Quest 2 so far!
No update from Oculus as yet, but they are looking into it and we have a followup call this week. Agree the Quest 2 is terrific!

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