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(10-08-2020, 12:20 AM)HeckaBecka Wrote: All of the things in the program work fine for me except for Pegasus flying.

Why? It worked a couple times but it consistently doesn't work.

Please advise!


There are two things to keep in mind about Pegasus flying:

One is that you need to eat apples in the Keep Flying and Gate Race games to give you "flying energy" represented by the blue stripe on the Pegasus back.  You can only fly when you have energy, which is key to those games.  In the Gem Hunt game you have infinite energy.

Two is the A button needs to be held in to bring your wings out and fly.  If you let go of A you won't be able to lift off from the ground, or will start gliding down from the air.  Btw this is an important way to conserve your flying energy!

Note that when you are gliding (not holding A while in the air), leaning forward from your initial centered position will make you dive, which can be useful to control your height or get to the ground faster.

Good luck!

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