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Another Fitbit bug?
I think I found another Fitbit bug.

On Sept. 29, I rode for more than 30 minutes which was approximately a minimum of 10 minutes past the end of a route because I wanted to hit 3000 spins in a single session. 

It appears the information that was transferred to Fitbit was limited to the end of the route. Is there a way to have it track if you go beyond for extra spins? I am starting to find myself in the "zone" and motivated to keep riding even it is past the end of a route. 

Also when if a have to stop a ride to change a setting, it will not transfer the info beyond the point I stopped. Will that be fixed anytime soon?


Vic B.
Sorry about that, we're in the middle of fixing a Fitbit sync issue. We send updates of your progress at any point along your route you might leave the game or ride. Some of those are small and right next to other ones, so we try to group them instead of sending Fitbit each little one which would look bad in your activities. However this fights wanting to give your updates to Fitbit right away so you can see them after your ride. There's a bug in how we tried to do so, that we're now correcting.
We've checked in the Fitbit fix, thanks everyone for waiting.

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