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VRFS: Death Road - Bolivia

[Image: 15625874616_7f00a429bf_k.jpg]
This ride takes you on parts of the Old Yungas Road in La Paz, Bolivia. This road was built in 1930 and due to the nature of its narrow single track, fog, and steep slopes, was considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. A newer road has been built in recent years to allow for a safer place to drive, but the old road is still a favorite of visiting cyclists.
Honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with this ride. I'm sure that if I was a visiting cyclist and was riding it from top to bottom, it would be quite a thrill! I did enjoy some of the views, and some of the wildflowers, but the VR experience left something to be desired.

For an isolated road, the route should have been smoother than it was... but with many twists and turns, there were several "sticking" points where it was difficult to navigate without technical problems. might have been a better ride on a clear, sunny day, but the overcast. fog, and rain made some of these views less exciting and than they might have been otherwise. There was very little to see other than a narrow dirt path in front of me. The few small houses that we did see...were of a cultural interest to me... Riding through a larger village might have been interesting..but was pretty sparse. Other than as part of the fitness summit, I would not recommend this ride...there is much better more interesting content out there.
Lol. Not a good choice for a first VR ride experience. Made me very motion sick .

Oh. My goodness. I was as green as a land lubber on an aircraft carrier in a hurricane.

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