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VRFS: Ronda - Spain

Ronda is a city built on a mountain top in Spain that has several features that make it a great tour in Explorer.  The city is built over a giant gorge with several bridges attaching the parts of town.  The most famous of these is Puente Nuevo, completed in 1793, and provides an iconic image that draws tourists from around the world.
The city is also full of old Spanish castles and forts mixed among the newer buildings. Ronda is home to the oldest bullfighting ring in all of Spain and you will ride right by it!

[Image: Bridge.jpg]

I really enjoyed this ride. I loved starting out in the country...and looking at the trail to Ronda as it climbed up the mountain. There is quite the elevation gain on this ride if you decide to simulate elevation!

The old building and bridges (like the one pictured) are interesting to explore. I loved riding down the narrow streets and around the tourists. I enjoyed some of the scenic vistas offered during the ride, especially towards the end. My only criticism of this ride is that it ends too quickly.
This one messed me up a little in the traffic circles but was very enjoyable.

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