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VRFS: Bealach na Bà - Scotland
A winding single track road through the Scottish Highlands, this route is considered the Holy Grail of climbs.  You will start at sea level and work your way up to an elevation of 2000 feet, with road grades that approach 20%, then back down to sea level on the other end.  

This is a great ride for those who enjoy switchbacks and beautiful views.

Absolutely loved this ride. The Scottish highlands are hard to beat for outstanding vistas and this ride captures the magnificance really well. Early on you ride alongside a loch, with a train track to your left and a jutting cliff face to your right which looks truly 3D. Later on a long climb up into the highlands themselves leads to spectacular views and a relaxing ride down the other side.

Once the summer tournament is over this will be a ride I revisit for sure.
It was a nice ride...scenic and green. There were many beautiful wildflowers along the way and many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful water features along with way. I enjoyed riding through the small villages, and just taking in the sights.

I rode in both comfort mode and country mode. For the most part, the ride is very smooth and autosteer works fine. There is ONE very confusing point near the end of the ride that folks should be aware of as they may believe the ride is broken when it is not.

Basically... if you look at the map.. you will see that points B and C are switched out. This means that at about 75% of completion... the route will have you backtrack for about 6-7 miles... and then bring your right back again for the finish line. This detour..while scenic... makes the ride about 25% longer than it needs to be... not only that.. but you will be passing the same features 3 times... I could have done without this last bit...and the confusion it caused!
The looping back noted by Shon should be fixed for new riders.

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