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How to solve the "Hold L + R to Recenter" problem
Hi, we had imported VZFit sdk into our game in the unity. Instead of restart the Unity Editor, we have a button to restart game when the game finished.
But after restarting, the transition canvas has a message that is "Hold L + R to Recenter". There's no effect to click the A, B button on the VZButton at the same time. How to solve this problem?
It seems like you got our old SDK instead of new SDK.

The old SDK says "Hold L+R" and only works with VZ Bikes.

The new SDK says "Press A" and also works with VZ Sensor/Button.

If you had previously downloaded the SDK, in the Asset Store window choose "Update" before you "Import" to get the latest SDK.
We had searched the SDK in Asset Store, and the SDK version which we downloaded is 1.7 (released on Mar 26, 2019), is it the latest SDK?
Yes 1.7 is latest

Only earlier versions have the “Hold L+R” string in VZPlayer.cs. If yours still has that, try removing and reimporting the 1.7 package

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