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Free Riding
I found out by accident today that once you complete a route and you have manual steering on you can do a free ride wherever you want. Is this a feature that will be included as an option in the future that will save your place where ever you left off on the map?

I found that in the past if I had gone past the finish line on the route it would place me where I left if I did not change routes. So I could technically go from where I left off. Today I had a glitch on the route and could not progress. I tried do a few things to troubleshoot and finally was able to remove the partial blue screen, but when I went back to the route it had already reset since I had to put up another route to see if the blue on the screen was just on the free ride I was doing.

I left the auto control on and I was randomly taken around streets. How does the program decide the route you will go on after you pass the finish line?

If you need anyone to test the feature of free riding I would be happy to volunteer.
We let you free ride after finishing a path, but consider that ride 100% done then so you can't resume from a point beyond the end if you switch to another ride.

However you can easily make a new free ride from that point. On the Create Ride screen, leave the start location blank and hit NEXT. That will fill in your current location. Then leave the end location blank and hit GO. That will create a free ride instead of giving you directions.

There is no path generated with free rides, we just show you all the available locations (white dots) you can go at each intersection. If you are autosteering with free rides, it will just take you through intersections with the least amount of turn. The same is true of the trainer, though if you take a different turn they will catch back up to you.
Just learned about the open ended rides by creating a ride with just a start point yesterday. It completely changed how I use the this program. This is a real game changer.

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