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Cadence Sensor issue on Stationary Bike
I have your run of the mill gym stationary bike and purchased a CooSpo Cadence Sensor. The sensor seems to work fine off the bike, but on the bike I get no reading. Is it possible the bike itself is somehow cancelling out the sensor? Magnetic fields etc?

I had thought it was a defective sensor so I returned the original and purchased a new one, but am having the same issue.

For reference the bike is a True Z7 Upright Bike.

Hi I was reading that sometimes other things around may be knocking out your sensor, Wifi and other things, I use a Ticker and have a fixed and road bike wit cadance on one and speed on the other, I have to remove one of the sensors on my phone to get it to work, I just add them when I am on the bike again.

Hope this helps
See if it will connect to the nRF Toolkit app on iOS or Android while the sensor is attached to your bike. Select the cadence profile in the app and hold it around your head.
Evidently the CooSpo sensor cannot transmit when near the magnetic field caused by the stationary bike; however, the Wahoo sensor can. I set it up tonight and aside from connection issues if you pause the app, it works great.

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