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The HTC vive doesn't work in virzoom.
Sorry, we are developing a unity project which VZVit SDK is used in. Our project will be open through the HTC vive, so we buy the dongle to connect the crank sensor. But there is nothing happened in unity after the crank sensor connected. The unity always print the "plug in dongle" in the transition canvas when we started the unity project.

So, How can we do to resolve this problem or what message should be printed in the transition canvas when we connect the crank sensor with dongle.

The dongle we used is this one :
If you are seeing the Plug In Bike Dongle message it would suggest that your PC either doesn't recognize the dongle or doesn't have the correct drivers installed.

In Control Panel, under Ports (COM and LPT) the dongle should appear as Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy (COM#).

If you don't see it listed that way, here's a link to a troubleshooting document.

The dongle you purchased from Amazon appears to be the correct one, but definitely make sure that it is a BLED112 chipset dongle.

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