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Our next update
Thanks always for the encouragement!

When buildings seem huge it's because we don't have enough data and must project them to the horizon. Spyder17 suggested we do that always, to remove nearby depth artifacts in exchange for everything above the road looking like a slideshow. We are evaluating that as an option, but also thinking about an algorithm to reduce the changes in depth which could help your houses.
I understand it is hard to make three-dimensional view from simple Google map rendering. Regardless it looks quite good
Progress report:

We've checked in head-to-head Leaderboards, and plan to release new game builds in about two weeks. Winterstan is coming along nicely thanks to a ton of art optimization by Pete. We can now launch Explorer from Play, and Play from Explorer, without needing to go back to main menu with hand controller. If you run out of power on the Go or Quest, we now save your score right before it dies in both games. We've added the monoscopic option to Explorer on the Quest, but are still working on smoothness with low battery and scene artifacts.

A big thing we've decided to add since planning is two player mode to Explorer. You'll be able to see who else is playing now, and jump right to where they are to see and chat with each other while riding!
You guys are working hard and we appreciate it! I think Pete especially did a good job on helicopter game. Colors are pleasant and idea to use evening sun with shades is great!
I’m sure WinterStan will look nice.
Unfortunately saving the score on my oculus quest today did not work. I did full of the first 45 minute session, Then about 40 minutes down time on second session my battery ran out of power. It did not save my spins or score for this session of the game at all. I double checked. I am also disappointed with quest battery. I thought Quest battery should last much longer, certainly longer than Oculus go. But it is not true. Both seem to be equivalent. With oculus go I used to plug it to power when I was getting close to end of second 45 minute session. I have a 15 foot cable. What oculus quest battery life should be?
I have gotten over 1 1/2 hours on mine with about 60% battery still left. If you are only getting 45 minutes then I think something is wrong.
We haven’t released the new builds with end-of-battery saving yet Superlith. They’ll be about two weeks together with our other changes and testing. Quest and Go battery life seem similar to us, and are much extended by plugging in 15ft cable when you get low.
I diagnosed it today that most likely it was not plugged well when I was charging yesterday. Today after playing about an hour and 15 minutes I still had 65% on my quest

Today though on the second session of 45 minutes after about 30 minutes quest crashed. I got a black screen with three white dots running in the front. I even could not re-boot quest. I was pressing the button and getting back to the same screen again and again. Finally after a very long press it turned off and then I was able to turn it on and it worked well
We've updated Play with the Winterstan Tank level and Explorer with Comfort Mode, plus a lot of other improvements.

See the Play and Explorer update threads for details.
I tried to find Winterstan, it is not showing up. Just played about one hour ago. Extreme left shooting on Mech is not fixed. I guess that was still old version
How do I upgrade to a new version?
Right after we upload a new build you should see it in the Updates section of your Library, which you can click to update manually. Otherwise, if you leave your headset on standby it should auto-update within a day or less.

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