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Our next update
Let's keep this thread going for each planned update rather than make new threads.

Our next update is looking like a short release containing

- Our Mech upgrade for Thunderbowl. If you haven't played the PC version, this allows you play as a giant Mech robot instead of a Tank. The Mech has more hit points and shoots faster and lets you see farther, but moves slower and can't shoot as far and or see right below. You can play in solo or head-to-head against another Tank or Mech.

- Head-to-head Events. As discussed on the Events thread, the idea is to bring people together for say two hours for constant head-to-head action, and declare the player with the most wins the winner.

- Online Leaderboards for all Games+times and Suggested Rides, for all-time and each week. As also discussed on the Events thread, you'd be able to check on your phone to see where you rank, and click on game or suggested ride to see how others compare. Suggested rides would be ranked by time completed, and before completed by percentages complete.

- Some optimizations and improvements to Explorer we couldn't fit into last release
To recap the last week of changes, the Giant Mech is now in Play, we've made those improvements to Explorer, and online Leaderboards are up.

We're now turning our attention to the last item, Head-to-head events in Play. At the same time we're going to try adding voice support for head-to-head sessions, so players can talk to each other (with the option to disable).

Pete also looked into porting Lotus Pond to the GO, but we confirmed it would be a couple week optimization effort for the team. We think Cali Rally and Winterstan could be faster to bring over, and people play them a lot on PC as well.
Thanks for looking to bring Winterstan to go. Looking forward! That is my favorite!
Head to head to Events would be a lot of fun, looking forward for that!!!!!!

Giant Mech is not available on my view, it is possible that I don’t have the latest version. How do I update?
My mistake, I didn't fully release the last update. If you update now you'll see the Giant Mech option, which you have enough Tank coins to have unlocked.

Head-to-head events should be ready this week!
You were moving fast, appreciate that! Looking forward on head to head to events!
We're looking forward to it too!
The new build is up now! It was a stretch to get Voice Chat working but it makes a huge difference!

I posted the details to VZfit Play update thread.
We've made our next release plans, and it's looking about a month long. Thanks for all the feedback over the last month!

For Play, we intend to port Winterstan tank level to VZfit, with its original size to stretch out your pedaling. We'll also add your H2H matchup wins to, improve H2H tank respawning, and fix some little bugs.

For Explorer, we're improving loading smoothness and adding some options to tune artifacting between scenes.

For both, we'll add an option to quickly launch the other game without having to use the Oculus hand controller or leave the game.
I’m glad that we will have Winterstan soon. Cannot wait!
Also I can tell that the environment looks significantly nicer now on Heli game. I like that the colors are so nice and shades and lighting of the evening sun.
Glad that you are working on that. View in VZfit is improving, initially it was so boring and poor.
On the explorer some buildings seem to be huge, Not realistic. Needs to be fixed to the normal size.
Also would like to complement you that you are very fast responding to our requests. This is the way to go, good job!

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