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Our next update
Note we released a beta build last night to Quest, but also accidentally released it to all Go users. Go users won't see the standup mode changes but they will see the others. After getting beta feedback we hope to release it all Quest users by end of Friday.
Here's what we are doing this sprint! It's got a ton of improvements that we're aiming to have done by Dec 15.

Note we have this sprint and the next one to finish our requirements for Oculus Store submission, which is taking most of our attention and will help a ton for players to find, install, and try VZfit.

Better UI
- Remaking the "Find Rides" screen to give the same filtering/sorting capabilities of This is crucial to handle the increased number of shared rides, which we completely love!
- Ask players to rate every ride they complete in game
- Adding Google 2D map to Find Rides, Create Ride, and the pause screen to show paths and where you are
- Split up the main menu and pause menu to give players more options they want to change quickly in a ride
- New look with pulldowns, toggle buttons, and other controls that are quicker to understand and use
- Button descriptions when you hover over them
- Choice of HUD configurations

Workout improvements
- Show graph of each workout intensity when you select them
- Show where you are in each workout at end of each section
- Get end-of-workout stats instead of just automatically looping
- 50 new mocapped moves for the standing mode trainer
- Mute trainer option
- Allow you to switch rides without resetting workout
- Pause workout when you're looking at high-rez view

Registration changes
- New users, and all players who relogin, will have their VZfit memberships tied to their oculus id rather than bike
- That means players can easily switch between compatible bikes without reregistering
- You can still have unlimited vzfit accounts for the family
- New players will see standing mode as the default, and be able to signup for VZfit membership with it
- Players will be able to switch easily between standing and bike mode

Standing mode improvements
- Improved animation of 3rd person avatar
- Show red warning when you get close to edge of exerboard
- Give more weight to hand motion above shoulders a number of bug fixes and system improvements, including support for Quest 2 90 hz mode.
Hi Eric, Winterstan is not working properly. Serious problems. Recurring intermittently through the game. I have oculus quest. Tank Version (I didn’t try giant Mech yet) intermittently shoots spontaneously and then “A” button freezes for sometime.
You can press as many times as you want and he doesn’t shoot anymore. You have to wait probably a minute or so until it is functional again .
It’s really makes the game not usable

By the way I changed the button battery, did not to do any difference. Volume buttons continue functioning when “a” button is non-functional.

I just realized that my quest was on and not rebooted for some time. I rebooted it now and it’s fixed freezing of “a” button. But spontaneous shooting still there, it did not clear it. It used to be it shoots spontaneously when you move your aim to the the menu button, but now it doesn’t do it. It does it spontaneously, I did not notice any specific pattern.

I’m not a fan of a VZfit ride, I usually use VZfit play. Decided to check it and try it with the personal trainer and enabled music. I was blown away!!! It used to be boring just to pedal through the landscape, but with personal trainer and music it is game changer. I tried the escalating pattern with the personal trainer and it was great.
Personal trainer looks are very realistic. Also I was able to customize my avatar. I liked also the photo shots. Really fun!
You guys are working hard and making great progress. Thats how you stay on the top. Keep improving!

Checked also the new tutorial for exercise without bike on VZfit ride. Very well done! You can do all different types of exercises with hands and squatting and so on. That is really good. Additional muscle groups involved then just doing the bicycle.
My suggestion is to provide access to guided tours of destinations, so that the tour is synched with your ride. To facilitate, you could have third parties provide/develop the tours and you could charge a fee to access the guided tour. I am new to VZFit, but am most interested in it as a form of virtual tourism. I would gladly pay $5 or $10 to have a curated tour of Rome, with an audio tour alerting me to points of interest along with visual cues.
Id like brakes to work when you pedal backwards and the bike to keep going downhill without pedaling, a granny style bike, pedal car and side mirrors.

Actually 2 pedal cars, the robber car which i would be riding and a police pedal car trying to catch me. Actually anything funny to pedal away from, like a vacuum cleaner door to door salesman trying to catch me with his bike shouting reasons why i should buy from him. Or someone without a facemask sneezing loudly.

Videos of that would fill YouTube and work as marketing too.

Are we allowed to put videos with the music to youtube btw, or is there a copyrigth problem there?

edit: almost forgot, but it woud be really nice to mirror my smartwatch ingame, so i could use it virtually(pulse, whatsapp and some other functions). That would need handtracking too probably.
(10-29-2020, 06:40 PM)emalafeew Wrote: Note we released a beta build last night to Quest, ...

Do you need more beta testers? If so, how do I sign up? I use both VZfit Games and Explorer and use it in both stand up and bike mode, so happy to provide feedback.

(04-11-2019, 12:58 PM)emalafeew Wrote: Cool, we could start by sharing a few old prototypes, if anyone is interested. We have a dragonfly in a garden, a motorcycle jumping a bus, a dragon and castle/maze, some zombie tests, and a rally bike.

I'd be inclined to share them as Unity projects so they could be built for any VR platform and people could help to extend them. That would require more effort for users, but the bigger problem is they rely on Unity Store assets we can't distribute, which everyone would have to buy for themselves. Alternately, if we distribute as APKs then you could install on Go but not try on other platforms or help modify. Anybody have a preference?

I own half the asset store already Smile would love to see these unity projects.
Love this app! Would really like a mileage indicator added to hud. Ideally would like a total miles ridden in Explorer as well as a trip mileage setting. Or, a mini map that show where you are and how many miles you have gone. Thanks!
Sorry for the delay since last posting!

We've been doing two things since our last official release:

1. Preparing final build for Oculus Store launch

- Folks will be able to stay in their headset without ever going to their phone or PC to complete registration and membership
- Brand new user interface for (which is live now)

We hoped this would be out already but are working through some last technical improvements with Oculus.

2. Next release after Store launch (targeting end of April)

- Achievement system including descriptions and progress shown in VZfit and VZplay,, and Oculus dashboard
- Lots more VZfit avatar unlocks for your ride coins, including mesh customizations
- Greater than 2 player online matchups
- Leader's AI trainer visible to all matchup players

We're about halfway done with these now, and should be able to post some work in progress soon.

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