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Our next update
We diverged a bit from our sprint plan this month. We have now released Lotus Pond, and a bunch of smaller requested items for Play and Explorer, but put off message-of-the-day and Explorer POI in order to add cadence and speed sensor support.

For next sprint, we plan to swing back to Explorer with points-of-interest for City Mode, Strava support (!), and streaming music. We also still want to get in message-of-the-day to both games because not everyone reads these forum notes.

We also hear everybody about better goal setting and stat tracking, and will start designing a system for that across Play and Explorer this month!
(all following for explorer)

PLEASE add the "auto steer" option. Hide it if you have to, but don't limit the choices of few for the many. MANY people have asked for this.

Your "tilt to steer" is broken to an extent - If I'm on a recumbent, sure, it works because my head is usually "level" (my eyes are at the horizon.)
It DOESN'T work if I'm on a regular bike and my head is hanging "down" a bit, a glance left or right counts as a tilt and steers the bike.

PLEASE add a difficulty zero that goes faster than 1 and doesn't require any peddling. If I've just humped up a massive hill, my legs deserve a rest as they would on a normal bike, but your software would stop the simulation. This would allow us to continue to free-ride down the hill.
We hear everyone, and auto-steer will be added to the current sprint. We'll try to do it in a way that doesn't ruin our motion sickness solution.

The latest build makes the lowest difficulty setting 2.5 times easier than before. There is a separate thread about coasting and its pros and cons.
If we did do it, there would be better ways than making it difficulty zero.

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