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Monitoring only?
Has there been any thought to having a lightweight, phone capable, monitoring only program? This would be useful for me right now, for example, since I need to watch several hours of video for work. It'd be great to exercise while I did it, but if I'm not using the VzFit apps on my quest, my exercise wouldn't be monitored on my VzFit account and I'd like to have that info in one place (and I've had trouble finding other places where I can use just a cadence sensor).
We have thought of a companion app that can double as a simple dashboard and contribute to your spin totals.

But here's hack way you could do it now, if you have an Android phone. We have a 2D explorer app downloadable at, which you could get running with your bike, and then watch your videos on another device or even in Oculus headset.

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