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Shon_T's Grand Canyon Rim Trail
This is an 11 miles trail along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The trail starts at the Trailhead for the South Kaibab Trail and follows the rim of the Grand Canyon for about 11 miles, just shy of Hermit's Rest Viewpoint.  This trail offers breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon as it passes by many popular lookout points. 

This trail is best run on "comfort mode". The trail is quite curvy in places and I found "auto-steer" setting works pretty good for the most part. I liked the fact that the bike would steer itself, allowing me to enjoy the scenery. There are two places about 5 miles into the ride, where auto-steer got locked up. The "choke-points" have to do with some "off the path" destinations that the software didn't want to route to for some reason... "out and back" trails that confused the system.  Changing ride mode to "Tilt" steering easily got me back on track. 

Also... due to a mapping error...this trail (11 miles) cuts the ride off  about 1-2 miles can ride it all the way to Hermit's rest and there are still a couple of fantastic viewpoints to see past the "end" of this ride. If you ride past the "end"...turn on "tilt to steer" as it will make it quite easy to stay on course. Just keep following the "hiking path" staying to the "right" of the road when possible.

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