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Streaming Explorer from Oculus Go?
I'm looking for a way to stream VZfit Explorer on Twitch.  Can it be done?

I've tried casting from an Oculus Go to a current-gen iPad, mirroring the iPad with Reflector3, then capturing that in Streamlabs OBS running on a high-end computer.  The problem is that the best results I've gotten have been about 1 frame per second.  It seems that the worst degradation in quality and frame rate is between the Go and the iPad.

Has anyone had any luck with this?  It's not VZfit Explorer that's at fault; I get the same problem casting the Go's home screen.  The connection also seems unstable.

As a last resort, I get better but non-ideal results from casting to my 4-year-old Android phone and pointing an old webcam at the phone.
I know that Philip from Go Bro's has done some twitch streaming from his Go. You can find him on our discord as MrphilipJoel
I've settled on casting to my phone and using my iPad's camera and Reflector3 to get it into OBS.  This bypasses the problematic step of my first solution. (Also doesn't require any equipment I don't already have.)

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