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There are 2 new rides through the Dolomites -- on the New tab in the ride menu.
Don't miss them! The awe-inspiring majesty of these mountains....I had to tell myself that I couldn't keep stopping and pressing B for hi-res....I wouldn't get any exercise that way.
Hey Kem,
What are the names, will create threads for each of them for review Smile
I don't know the exact names; I can't find the rides on your site. I can only find rides by scrolling through the limited list you have put into the on-screen VzFit menu once I'm on the bike, plus creating a ride. One thing I would REALLY love is the capability to choose rides (not just create them) on my laptop and then have them pop up in Oculus screen. It really seems that there is a world of great rides out there that people have probably created & I just don't know how to find them.
I love the scenery
A part is also show in Rambo 57 Italy 5 ride
@momblogger on twitter and instagram
I created the Dolomites rides. They are called Mindoc's Dolomites Ride 1, 2, and 3. I got the idea after reading a photo journal article in the NY Times. I am so happy you like them.   Smile
Since you like beautiful scenery I suggest you check out my Sedona rides: Mindoc's Scenic Drv Cathedral Rk,  Mindoc' Back O Beyond, Sedona 1, 2, and 3.  I've been going to Sedona yearly, and ache to go now but can't b/c Covid-19.  The rides at least give me a taste of beautiful locations.  I have just learned how to create rides in mymaps and may improve upon those I have shared.
Let me know if you'd like to ride together at some time.

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