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LeTour bugs / glitches
Crash thanks for feedback!

1. Losing speed when drafting: This is actually a feature of drafting, that you are locked into the speed of the rider in front of you while you are pedaling up to 20% less their speed. So it's really meant to catch your breath during a heavy workout, letting you maintain speed for less pedaling in exchange for following skill, rather than a way to boost your speed.

2. Overhead Menu Disappears when Emoting: Emotes are supposed to be disabled until we can find a way to map to VZ Button! It's a bug they are still enabled for VZ Bikes.

3. Speech Blurbs Mirrored in Menu: See above Smile

4. When you go off course, you REALLY go off course: We'll check it out, it was teleporting you nicely back last time we tested that!

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