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Monthly change to VZfit play
I thought that VZfit was going to change its workout routines on a monthly basis!?
I have been playing Lotus Pond for 6 weeks. Why are they not being changed on time?
The new update is set going to change the way this is done and it will rotate weekly with the event. We had originally hoped to have that update out this week so I kept Lotus pond up for last week when the calendar reminder went off.

That being said we are now looking at end of next week at the earliest so I will rotate the game now. Anything in particular you would like to play?
I love all the VZplay games so far but I haven’t tried the “cycling through the countryside” yet.
It’s great to get exercise in such a fun way. I’ve progressed from 10 min. to 20 min routines. Going to try 30 soon. I supplement VZplay with Beat Saber & Boxing to get a pretty decent workout. I’ve added wrist weights for the extra challenge. Fun way to stay in shape during Covid. Keep up the great work. I’m glad you’re updating the experiences so they don’t get stale.
Switched it over to Le Tour. If you exit and restart the game it should be the free game now Smile

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