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Some more suggestions
Hi Team VZFit,

As always, can't say enough about the app! 

I'm providing some suggestions for additions I think would be great to have (if possible)

1. Add rankings of the weekly event you're participating in, like the head2head rankings. I know there is a separate page for events, showing the entire calendar and current rankings, though I think it would also be great to list just the rankings in your personal stats and only if participating in it. 

2. The ability to see how many users are online, via the app and website. 
  2a. Send IMs or requests to ride or game?

3.  Team-based events, I know this is an obvious one and already been discussed to a degree but would be so awesome to have so putting it lol. There are so many people that participate in these, if we set team registration for a time in advance and fill it in advance that may help with the whole waiting for someone to be online to join? Maybe even have backup slots for no-shows?

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